Summer School

Am I Eligible?

  • You must have a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the 2014-15 school year on file at NC State University. A FAFSA may take several weeks to be processed and received by the University. Therefore, you must have the FAFSA on file considerably earlier than the Summer School financial aid application deadlines.
  • You must be enrolled in a degree program at NC State University.
  • You must be registered for summer courses and be enrolled at least half time – a minimum of 6 hours for undergraduate students. Graduate students are subject to The Graduate School’s definition of half time enrollment. Information is available here: Please note that eligibility for graduate students is also based on the tuition and fees charges incurred. Students enrolled exclusively in co-operative education courses are not eligible for financial aid. Summer I and Summer II coursework can be combined to calculate the half time enrollment requirement. However, please be advised that you are not eligible for the Summer I disbursement and/or refund until your half time eligibility can be confirmed after Summer II census. Students are strongly encouraged to take all of the half time coursework in one term or be prepared for the disbursement timeline.
  • You must meet the conditions of the Policy on Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid Eligibility. If you do not meet the conditions of this policy as of the end of the spring term, you will be denied aid for both sessions of Summer School as well as the following academic year.

How to apply:

To apply for summer aid, visit MyPack Portal beginning March 18, 2015 and navigate to the Financial Aid Status section. Click on the 2014-15 academic year, and then on the Summer tab. The application is online at the Summer tab, along with important instructions and information about summer financial aid. We encourage you to be certain about your enrollment plans before submitting your summer application online.

In order for your application to be processed before term bills are due, we strongly encourage you to apply by the priority deadline. Summer applications received after the priority deadline will not be processed by the billing deadlines at the University Cashier’s Office. Students will need to be prepared to pay out of pocket. No summer applications will be accepted after the final application dates.


Priority Deadline
Final Deadline
Attending Summer I only:
Attending Ten Week only:
Attending Summer I and II:
Attending Summer II only:

 Available Funding:

While some limited grant funds may be available, Financial aid resources for the Summer Sessions are primarily limited to student loans. If you have already borrowed the maximum student loan amount during the academic year, you will not be able to borrow an additional student loan for summer. If you expect to advance to the next grade level and therefore, may have additional loan eligibility, please notify your financial aid counselor.

Disbursement of funding:

Summer Session disbursements will NOT occur on the first day of class. Students who applied by the priority deadline should plan for refunds to be available at least 3 days after the scheduled disbursement dates.

Summer Session I:
Ten Week Session:
Summer Session II:

*Funds for students who have combined enrollment in both summer sessions to reach half time enrollment (6 undergraduate hours) will not be disbursed until the second session disbursement date.  Aid disbursements for students studying abroad may be delayed if start dates for the program differ than the standard term start dates.

What if my plans change after I completed the Summer Tab?

If your hours or terms of enrollment change, you must notify the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid immediately by emailing your financial aid counselor. Enrollment changes may require revision or repayment of some or all of the funds you receive.

After your aid is awarded:

Please view our Summer Conditions and Responsibilities of Award Acceptance for important information about your rights and responsibilities that come with receiving summer financial aid.  If you fail to enroll in the number of hours that you indicated on the Summer online application or if you drop hours after beginning the summer session, repayment of financial aid will be required, including repaying funds that have already been disbursed to you.