Forms & Publications

If additional documentation is required to complete your aid application, we will contact you to request the appropriate information. Each of the forms on this page may be printed directly from the links below, or you may contact our office to request a paper copy. Please allow at least 2-3 business days for forms to be processed and marked as received on the Financial Aid Status section of MyPack Portal.

Forms for all students:

Update Form may be used to notify us of changes in your enrollment plans.

Forms to report additional aid:

Scholarship Notifcation E-form should be completed to notify our staff of any outside scholarships you expect to receive. Please visit MyPack Portal and select the Awards tab to submit scholarship information. Please read the Important Information for Student and Scholarship Donor to assist with questions you or your donor may have.

NC VA Scholarship Notification Form is required to notify our staff of the NC VA Scholarship you expect to receive.

Graduate Enrollment Status & Benefits Form is required of all graduate students enrolled in master’s or doctoral degree programs and must be completed each year that a graduate student applies for aid.  This form is used to gather information about your enrollment plans and determine what types and amounts of support you are receiving from your department.


If your application was selected for review in a process called “Verification,” you must complete a verification worksheet and possibly submit information documenting your tax data. You may document your tax data either by using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool or by submitting a copy of your Federal IRS tax transcript. Copies of your 1040 form are not acceptable. Federal regulations require you to provide this information before you can be awarded Federal aid. If there are differences between your application information and your financial documents, we will correct your FAFSA information automatically and send those corrections electronically to the federal processor. Please visit MyPack Portal and view the Documents tab to determine what information you are required to submit.

Loan forms:

Alternative Loan Letter is required of students who wish to borrow only private loans and do not plan to submit a FAFSA.

Special enrollment forms:

Appeal Forms:


Conditions & Responsibilities of Award Acceptance describes the steps a student must complete to receive the financial aid award.

Policy on Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid Eligibility describes the academic requirements that a student must meet to maintain continued eligibility for federal, state, and institutional funding.