Billing & Financial Aid

Understanding the Bill

Billing for all charges is coordinated by the University Cashier’s Office.  The University does not mail paper bills. An electronic billing statement, or eBILL, will be created in early July for the fall semester and early November for spring semester. Students will receive an email notification at their campus email address. The eBILL reflects all charges and credits on the student’s account as of the date the bill was created.

Changes after the bill

The eBILL is a snapshot of a student’s charges at the time the bill was created. Any additional charges which are added after the billing date will not appear on the eBILL. New charges and credits can be viewed at MyPack Portal > Student Self Service > Campus Finances > Account Inquiry. Similarly, additional financial aid added after the eBILL can be seen only on the Account Summary.

Billing and Aid

The eBILL will also reflect the student’s “estimated financial aid.”  Estimated aid includes the total aid which the student has accepted.  Students must login to MyPack and accept the awards they have been offered to ensure that those funds are included as estimated aid.

How much do I pay?

If the total charges exceed the estimated aid, the student must pay the difference before the due date.  If the aid exceeds the charges and there are no outstanding charges from a previous semester, the bill should reflect $0 in the “Pay This Amount” field and the student can expect a refund of the excess aid.

Prior balances

Financial Aid can only be used to pay for charges during the designated term.  So any prior semester balance that is owed must be paid before the billing due date.  Even if the current semester’s aid will generate a refund, the student must pay prior term charges out of pocket before the billing due date.


Students who fail to pay the amount due will be dropped from all courses before the start of the term.  If your schedule is canceled, you must pay all charges in full before being allowed to re-register for courses.


Financial Aid funds are typically disbursed on or about the first day of the semester. Your financial aid awards are credited to your account each semester and institutional semester charges are automatically deducted. If your financial aid award exceeds your institutional charges, you will receive a refund. If you are expecting a refund, you should expect those funds to be available 2-3 days after disbursement. We encourage you to avoid unnecessary delays and sign up for Direct Deposit. If you elect not to sign up for Direct Deposit, a paper check refund will be mailed to the address you have on file with the University’s Office of Registration & Records.