Cost of Attendance

The cost of attending NC State includes both direct costs and indirect costs. Direct costs are those that you will be billed for like tuition, fees, on-campus housing, and university meal plans. Indirect costs, like rent at an off-campus apartment, books, or transportation to campus, are associated with going to college but will never appear on your bill from the University Cashier’s Office. Our costs are based on typical expenses reported by NC State students. Your indirect costs may vary from these averages.

Estimate your expenses

Use our cost estimate to calculate your out-of-pocket costs and determine whether you will receive a refund.

Unusual expenses

If you have unusual expenses such as childcare for your dependent children or unreimbursed expenses related to a disability, you should document those expenses in writing to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. We may be able to provide additional financial assistance to help with those costs that are required for you to attend school.

Distance Education

Courses taken through NC State’s Distance Education programs are billed at a different rate than courses taken on campus. Students who take Distance Education courses exclusively may have their financial aid awards adjusted based on the actual charges incurred. If you plan to take Distance Education coursework, you should contact your financial aid adviser to determine how your financial aid eligibility will be impacted.

Buying a computer

NC State does not require students to purchase computers, but you may wish to purchase one for your academic work. If you have applied for financial aid and want to buy a computer, the OSFA can include that cost when considering you for financial aid. You will be asked to provide documentation of the purchase price and complete a form to request funding for this expense. Generally, only loan funding will be available to cover this cost.