Cost of Attendance – Graduate Students

Estimated annual expenses for full time graduate students:

NC Residents
Out of State Residents
Tuition & Fees
$10,572 $25,094
Books & Supplies
$854 $854
$8,964 $8,964
$4,075 $4,075
Personal/Travel Expenses
$3,740 $3,740
Loan Fees
$180 $180
$28,385 $42,907

Health insurance expenses are not included in the total cost of attendance. Students who purchase the University’s health insurance plan may contact their financial aid counselor to request the expense be included in their individual cost of attendance.

*Indicated costs are good faith estimates. Tuition and fees are finalized with the NC Legislature vote in late summer.

Note: Students enrolled in the following programs pay additional incremental tuition amounts.  See the University Cashier’s Office for details.

Master’s of Accounting

Master’s of Architecture

Master’s of Art and Design

Master’s of Business Administration

Master’s of Financial Mathematics

Master’s of Global Innovation Management

Master’s of Graphic Design

Master’s of Industrial Design

Master’s of Landscape Architecture

Master’s of Science in Analytics

Direct Costs (billed):  
Direct costs are billed by the University Cashier’s Office.

  • Tuition and fees are billed through the University Cashier’s Office several weeks before the beginning of each semester.
  • Health Insurance Opt In costs are billed by the University Cashier’s Office when you opt in or do not opt out with Student Health.

Indirect Costs (not billed):
Indirect costs are not billed by the University Cashier’s Office and are not directly paid by financial aid. These costs are based on averages of expenses reported by NC State Students.  For personal budgeting purposes, you can use your own estimates for indirect expenses based on your expected personal spending and circumstances.

      • Off-campus Rent
      • Off-campus Food
      • Books and Supplies
      • Personal Expenses
      • Travel Expenses
      • Health Insurance Opt Out


My Tuition and Fees are $_________________
My Opt in Health Insurance is + $_______________
My total direct costs equal
+ $_______________ (D)
My budget for Off Campus Rent is + $_______________
My budget for Off Campus Food is + $_______________
My budget for Books and Supplies is + $_______________
My budget for Personal expenses is + $_______________
My budget for travel expenses is + $_______________
My Opt out Health Insurance is + $_______________
My total indirect costs equal
= $_______________ (I)
My TOTAL costs equal
= $______________(D+I)


Total Costs (see D+I above)   $_________________
Minus Financial Aid package
– $_________________
My TOTAL out of pocket costs equal
= $_________________


My financial aid package   $_________________
Minus my total direct costs (see D above)
– $_________________
Equals my estimated refund for indirect costs
= $_________________