Enrollment Status For Financial Aid Purposes

The following enrollment status definitions apply to all terms, including summer, for financial aid purposes.

Full Time

3/4 time

Half Time

Less than Half Time

Undergraduate credit hours





Graduate credit hours





Graduate students enrolled in programs requiring completion of a dissertation or thesis may qualify to be classified as enrolled at least half time when they have reached the semester in which a load between 3 and 8 hours will reach an accumulated total equal to the minimum number of hours required by the program provided they enroll for at least 3 credit hours. The Graduate Plan of Work must be on file to confirm the dissertation or thesis requirement.

Enrollment status for financial aid purposes may differ from enrollment status as defined by other University offices such as the Office of the Registration and Records, the Graduate School, or the Office of International Services.

Students who enroll less than full-time may have their aid adjusted after the add/drop period. Enrollment is confirmed on the last day to drop/add with a tuition credit.

Students enrolled less than half-time may be placed on a loan repayment schedule by a lender or guarantor if the student is the recipient of federal financial aid

Audit hours are not used in determining enrollment status.