Planning for College

Planning for college is important and it is never too early to start the process.  Taking the right courses at the right times and being successful academically is critical, but it is just as critical to be prepared financially to cover the costs of going to college.  To make sure you’re ready (or that your child is ready) when the time comes to go to college, start now.  Below you will find some helpful web sites to aid you in your planning process.

Need help filling out the FAFSA? Representatives will be available across the state to help you in filling out the FAFSA on the Web. Visit to find a FAFSA Day site near you and register for this free service.

Federal Student Aid
The U.S. Department of Education provides over $80 billion in grants, loans, and work-study for college or career school each year. For information about federal student aid from the U.S. Department of Education, visit

The FAFSA4caster helps students get an early estimate of their eligibility for federal aid.

College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC)
CFNC is a nonprofit partnership between Pathways of North Carolina, College Foundation, Inc., and the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority.  The partnership of these organizations seeks to provide a way for students and parents to prepare for college by providing a wealth of information on how to plan, apply, and pay for college. was designed by students for students and features first-person accounts of students who overcame challenges to going to college.   It provides relevant, comprehensive information about why to go, how to go, and how to pay for college or other postsecondary education programs. Young people who may not have considered higher education a viable option will be engaged, informed, and inspired to create their own “roadmap” to college.

The KnowHow2Go campaign is a partnership between the American Council on Education and the Lumina Foundation for Education.  This campaign seeks out unrepresented and underserved students through various media outlets to encourage these students to plan ahead for college.  KnowHow2Go’s website is complete with information for middle school students to high school seniors.

Mapping Your Future
Mapping Your Future is a website provided by a wide range of state and national financial aid organizations.  The purpose of Mapping Your Future is to provide information to students for both pre-college planning and during the college years. All online entrance/exit counseling for loans should be done at (contact our office if you have questions or concerns).