Before you Borrow

Choosing to borrow an educational loan is a decision that you should consider seriously before entering into a loan agreement. Loans can be a wonderful way to make attending college possible, but many students enter into loan agreements without fully understanding the consequences of their decisions.

How much should I borrow?

You should never borrow more than you absolutely need to attend school.  Loans must be repaid when you’re no longer enrolled in school, and you need to be very realistic about your ability to repay student loan debt based on what you anticipate your future annual income will be. Check out the “Loan Payment Calculator” available on to see what your monthly payments might be at various borrowing levels.

NC State University adheres to the Code of Conduct which was created by the UNC System regarding the university’s relationship to lenders. The goal of the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid is to provide students with information they need to make good decisions about borrowing, and to select the types of loan(s) and the lender(s) that offer the best terms for their particular needs.