Scholarships for High School Students

The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid offers a limited number of competitive scholarships for entering freshmen in an effort to recognize and encourage exceptional academic ability and talent. To be considered, students must apply for admission by October 15.

Some academic scholarships also require that students demonstrate financial need. All students who apply for admission by October 15 and apply for financial aid by submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 1 will automatically be considered for need-based academic scholarships.

To learn about specific scholarship programs, please review the following:

Distinctive Scholarships

  • Park Scholarship Program – Prestigious, competitive academic scholarship program for students who demonstrate exceptional academic ability, exemplary character, and exceptional potential in leadership and service.
  • General Hugh Shelton Leadership Initiative Scholarship – Competitive academic scholarship program to promote the mission of the Shelton initiative, “to inspire, educate and develop value-based leaders committed to personal integrity, professional ethics, and selfless service.”
  • Chancellor’s Leadership Scholarship – Program for students with demonstrated leadership potential, academic achievement, personal talents, unique work or services experience, financial need and a demonstration of overcoming personal adversity. A preference will be given to those individuals who will enhance and contribute to NC State’s diversity. Students who apply for admission by October 15 and submit a FAFSA by March 1 are automatically considered. No separate application is required.
  • Goodnight Scholars Program – The Goodnight Scholars Program is a unique scholarship for outstanding students in the STEM and education disciplines.  It is available to middle income families from North Carolina and is valued at $17,500 per year.  A comprehensive professional development program allows students to grow into tomorrow’s leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

College Based Scholarships:

Each of the Colleges at NC State offers scholarship opportunities to students enrolled in their academic programs. Consult the college website for specific criteria, application materials, and important deadlines.

Employer Specific Scholarships:

Eligibility for some scholarships requires an employment affiliation.

Other Funding:

Outside Scholarships:

Seeking an Outside Scholarship?

  • Sign up for SALT and learn more about searching and applying for Scholarships.
  • Review our Outside Scholarship Search Tips to aid in your scholarship search.
  • NC State encourages students to search for private scholarships offered by agencies not
    affiliated with the university.
  • Search Fastweb‘s free scholarship search engine that includes more than 400,000
    scholarships worth more than $1 billion
  • NC residents are encouraged to search for scholarships at NC State Education Assistance
    . In addition, there are a number of community foundations serving the
    residents of North Carolina. Students are encouraged to search foundation sites for

Receiving an Outside Scholarship?

  • Inform the Office of Scholarship & Financial Aid as soon as you are offered a scholarship by completing the Scholarship Notification E-Form. Please visit MyPack Portal and select the Awards tab to submit scholarship information. Please read the Important Information for Student and Scholarship Donor to assist with questions you or your donor may have.

Minority Scholarships:

  • NC State encourages students to search for private scholarships offered by agencies not affiliated with the university.